NEWSLETTER, Week of February 10

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PARENTS:  LOVE IS A VERB!  Valentines Day is this Friday, February 14.  Our class will do a friendship Valentine exchange that afternoon.  I am including our class list below:)  Per San Tan snack/candy policy, please do not send valentines with candy or other treats:)

2019-2020 Class List

Reese  Winston 
Xander  Finley 
Isabella  Ethan 
Delaney  Zermatt 
Kisalei  Sean 
Joel  Sophia 
Lincoln Anders 
Rylie  Rebekah 
Blaine Camdyn 


Thursday, February 13:  San Tan University.  YOU DON”T WANT TO MISS THIS! We are SO FORTUNATE to have guest speaker, Dr. Paul Beljan speaking specifically about the gifted brain followed by Dr. Sippel’s address:

Monday, February 17:  President’s Day No School

Wednesday, February 26:  Half day for students


MATH:  We are winding up our look at measuring lengths and will be moving on to measuring temperatures.

WORD STUDY:  Students are completing work in their word study notebooks

SCIENCE:  We are looking at measurable properties of matter this week and gearing up for learning about the periodic table of elements

LITERATURE STUDY:  Thank you for having  student copies in the classroom!  Things are definitely heating up as we try to fit the clues together to solve this contemporary Harlem mystery!

SOCIAL STUDIES/WRITERS WORKSHOP:  We are delving into the events and opinions of the early American patriots while, at the same time, working on writing our opinions.  Students are also completing Phase I of their assigned revolution character research project for our upcoming Wax Museum (more information coming)


What does the phrase “self evident” mean?  Where do we see this phrase?

What is the difference between the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act?

Who said, “no taxation with representation?”  what does this phrase mean?

What do we have to remember about the hour hand when showing time on or past the half hour?

What does the word absorbent mean?  How we can test whether a material is absorbent?

What does the word OREO have to do with opinion writing?

What was is Andrew Oliver treatment?

In our novel, Harlem Charades, who is Henriette Drummond, the Invisible 7 artist group and Verta Mae Sneed?

What is a bordega?


Enjoy the rest of your week!