NEWSLETTER, Week of January 26

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NEWSLETTER, WEEK of 1/26/2020

PARENTS:  As always, we have a week coming up filled with cultural celebration – the Chinese Lunar New Year, exciting history, important science discovery and sharing thoughts and opinions!  Please make note of the following:


Monday, January 27:  Spring Clubs Begin

Saturday, February 1:  San Tan STEM Fest/Learning Celebration! 9-12am.

Wednesday, February 5:  Picture Day

Saturday, February 8:  San Tan Family Fun Night

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*Khan Academy math homework assignments are up and ready for students

MATH:   We are finishing up our look at elapsed time and telling time by 5 minutes

WORD STUDY:   Students will work on activities in their word study notebook

WRITERS WORKSHOP:  We are following the events and opinions leading up to to the American Revolution

SCIENCE:  This week we look at the purposes of matter and how purpose is connected to properties and attributes of matter

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Happy Chinese New Year!  This week we look at this lunar holiday

LIT STUDIES:  We are gathering clues as our mystery in Harlem unfolds!


Are the big numbers on an analog clock just representing the hours?

If there are 24 hours in a day, why does the clock only show 12 numbers?

How are quarter after and quarter til the hour different?

How does Elmer’s glue change?  What causes the change?

Can a solid change into a liquid?  How about a solid to gas?

What caused the conflict between Great Britain and France?

What is interesting about the state of Florida?

How many original colonies were there?  What ocean separates Europe from the Eastern coast of the United States.

What do we know about our three friends, Jin, Alex and Elvin?

Enjoy your week!