NEWSLETTER, Week of January 20

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PARENTS:  Third quarter is upon us! We are on our way and doing good!  All third quarter content is up and running:)


Math homework is up and running at Khan Academy this week.  The homework covers math skills that we will  be working on all quarter.  The assignments will be up and available thru April 1.

Our third quarter literature study is Harlem Charades by Natasha Tarpley.  It is always super helpful if students have individual copies to use as we read together.

Saturday, January 25th:  East Mark Color Run @ 9:00am (registration opens at 7:30am).  REGISTER

Monday, January 27th:  Springs Club begin.  Link for the club catalog:

Friday, January 31:  Student PBIS Story

Saturday, February 1: San Tan STEMFEST!

Friday, February 8:  Family Fun Night.  See attached information flyer: family-fung-night-2



MATH:  This week we are working on telling time by the minute and creating a daily schedule based on the poem, WOMAN WORK.

WRITERS WORKSHOP:  We are combining our look at the events leading up to the American Revolution with opinion writing and the opinions of the men and women who were the important leaders of the day.

WORD STUDY:  Study are completing a GEOGRAPHY BOWL and the words on differentiated word lists.

LIT STUDY:  We are getting into our lit study and learning about Harlem, bodegas, brownstones and metrocards!

SCIENCE:  This week we focus on the properties and attributes of matter

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We will finish up our look at community service, the life of Martin L. King and Louis Braille.



What does the word PREAMBLE mean?  What do the words SELF EVIDENT mean?  Where do we find these words?

How many original, British colonies were in America?

Name three countries from Europe that had interest in the Americas?

What ocean separates the Americas from Europe?

What is kimchi?  Name three things that you might find in a bodega.  Where is Harlem?  What is the difference between an urban city like New York City and your neighborhood?

What is the difference between fact and opinion?


Enjoy your week!