NEWSLETTER, February 23, 2020

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PARENTS:  We are two weeks and counting to the end of the quarter – and what a great third quarter it has been!  These next two weeks will be jam-packed with finishing up projects, post assessments, solving the mystery that’s driving our literature study, practicing first person monologues in preparation for our Wax Museum, working our way thru the Boston Tea Party  AND prepping for student led conferences!  WHEW!!!  Please make note of the following important information:)


Wednesday, February 26:  half day for students, dismissal is at 11:15.  There are no clubs or after care on half day dismissal.

Friday, February 28:  Coffee with the Principal.  What a WONDERFUL way to get to know our principal, Mrs. Laramie and to get an “up close and personal” look at San Tan.  If your schedule permits, please consider including this event on your calendar:)

March 2-6:  Usborne Book Fair

March 2-3:  (2nd) Student Wax Museum Posters and Props are due in the classroom.  (3rd)  THE BRITISH ARE COMING!  2020 American Revolution Wax Museum. TIME:  TBA

March 4-6: 

March 9-18:  SPRING BREAK!


High on our Agenda and Things To Do List is the upcoming AMERICAN REVOLUTION WAX MUSEUM.  Please check in with your student.  At this point, students should have an American Revolution Check List, research on their AR character and a copy of their first person monologue.  From here, students will need support:

  • A completed poster: I highly recommend that information on the poster board be typed just for clean presentation.  Handwritten information is accepted as well.  PLEASE FEEL FREE to continue researching with your student to round out poster presentation.  Their research should include atleast two website resources
  • A thoughtful costume:  We have talked in class about the role of the costume is to simply transport watchers into the character.  These were professional, “movers and shakers” of their day – what would professional leaders be wearing today?  Purchasing a colonial costume is accepted but also, thinking about the dress of a statesman/woman today is also accepted.
  • A thoughtful prop:  Again, is there something that could sit on the table that could/would be associated with this character?


Great Conversation Starters:

  • Which of the important events leading to the American Revolution did you enjoy the most?
  • What does “No Taxation with Representation” mean?  Who said these words?
  • What was the Andrew Oliver Treatment?
  • What makes the Abyssinian Baptist Church an important structure in Harlem?
  • How would Council Markum’s Harlem World impact the small businesses in Harlem?
  • How many inches are in five feet?  how did you figure that out?
  • What one fact could you share about your American Revolution research character?

Have a Great Week!