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February 16, 2021

PARENTS:  WOW!  Thank you SO MUCH for the awesome Valentine’s Gift Card.  My family and I had such a wonderful time at Culinary Dropout this weekend thanks to your generosity:)

NOTE:  Parent teacher conferences are right around the corner.  Please visit the Sign Up Genius link below to schedule a time to conference, March 3-5, 2021.  These are also have days for students


We have had such an enriched time together thinking about defining moments in Black History this month.  From listening to and decoding slave songs like “Sweet Low Sweet Chariot” to reading about Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad to learning about the life and times of inventor George Washington Carver, students really listening with a sense of interest and awe.  This week we continue with a look at abolitionist Frederick Douglass and his friendship with President Abraham Lincoln.

At the same time, this week we also look at the lunar new year celebration, the Chinese New Year!


MATH: We are transitioning from telling time and counting money to measurement.

SCIENCE:  February 11 was National Invention Day!  In class we have been look at the impact of innovation and invention.  We have also been exploring the states of matter, materials and properties. This week we continue looking at the states of matter through activities like looking at a Chinese Almond cookies for the Chinese New Year!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  We are making cultural soup this week!  In addition to Chinese New Year and inventions, we are also looking at the life of Abraham Lincoln, Duke Ellington and Maya Angelou:)

LIT STUDY:  Somehow we are also finding time to following the Vanderbeekers of Harlem!  Students are really enjoying OPERATION BEIDERMAN!


What is crop rotation and how is this connected to George Washington Carver?

What was George Washing Carver’s movable school?

What is Duke Ellington known for being?

What kind of person was Duke Ellington?

How does matter go from a solid to a liquid to a gas?  And matter also move in the other direction?  How?

What is the difference between a main plot of a story and a sub plot?

Can you name terms that are related to the selling and buying of property?

What is a petition?


  • 2/17Fire Drill
  • 2/22-2/26- Gifted Testing
  • 2/24- Half Day
  • 3/3-3/3/5 Half Days
  • 3/3-3/5 March Conferences
  • 3/8-3/16 Spring Break