Language Arts: 2019-2020

2nd Grade Gifted Language Arts Components:

WORDS THEIR WAY: Tiered phonics program featuring small group differentiated instruction based on WORDS THEIR WAY Inventory.

WRITER’S WORKSHOP: Writing program that fosters proficient narrative, informative and opinion writing. Students work on essential elements of each type of writing

TIME FOR KIDS periodical: Weekly, Non-fiction, current events periodical. We use our TFK each week to review non-fiction text features as well as exploring and writing about main ideas, details and opinions.

LANGUAGE ARTS REVIEW: grammar, punctuation, parts of speech


1st Quarter: Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein
Luigi Lemoncello has designed the town’s new library and is having an invitation-only lock-in on opening night. The tricky part for this team of 12 students isn’t getting into the library – its getting out! The kids must solve every clue and figure out every secret puzzle to find the hidden escape route.

2nd Quarter: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin
In the valley of Fruitless Moutain Minli lives in a ramshackle hut wither her parents. After hearing her father tell the old folktale of Jade Dragon and the Old Man of the Moon, Minli sets off on an extraordinary journey to find the Old Man of the Moon to ask him how she an change her family’s fortune.

3rd Quarter: Harlem Charades by Natasha Tarpley
Harlem in New York City is home to all kinds of kids. Jin sees life passing her by from the window of her family’s bodega. Alex wants to help the needy – one shelter at a time, but can’t tell anyone who she really is. Elvin’s living on Harlem’s cold, lonely streets, surviving on his own after his grandfather was mysteriously attacked. When these three strangers join forces to find out what happened to Elvin’s grandfather, their digging leads them to an enigmatic artist whose missing masterpieces are worth a fortune!

4th Quarter: How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III is the quiet and thoughtful son of the Chief of the Hairy Hooligans. He must pass the important initiation test of his Viking clan by catching and training a dragon.